DIRECCIÓNHerrerias 2-14 bajo | Logroño, La Rioja
TFNO+ 34 941 13 96 18 /+34 600 90 47 03
TFNO Emergencias a partir de las 22:00+ 34 690 39 10 30

General information and Rules


Surveillance cameras and safety policy: For security purposes, our premises -in all the common areas both in and outdoors- are equipped with a surveillance system that runs 24 / 7. In this regard, we kindly ask our guests to ensure they leave the doors that give access to the hostel properly shut at any time, when accessing or leaving the place. This applies to the following doors: The inside door that gives access to the living room area from the reception hall, the outside door that gives direct access to rooms 6 and 7 from the Herrerías Street, the door that gives access to the patio.

Reservations and accommodation: In order to confirm a booking, providing credit card details is requested. If you travel with the whole family or with friends, we will try our best to accommodate all of you together within the same room although we are not able to guarantee this. If you want to make sure you all stay in the same room by yourselves and do not feel like sharing a room with strangers, we suggest you book a private room or book out a complete shared room. We have several all-gender shared rooms as well as a female room. Winederful Hostel & Café will deny access to any male demanding or booking a bed in our female room. If you book a bed in a share dorm, you should consider that you will share the room with other travelers. This is a good way to meet new people. In the shared dorms, Winederful Hostel & Café reserves the right to refuse entry to any men that has made a reservation in the female shared dormitory. All our rooms are equipped with a full bathroom.

Cancellation policy: Free of charge cancellation at least 2 days prior arrival. This measure is also only applicable if you booked the bed/s or room/s at the standard rate. Please send us an e-mail to formalize your booking cancellation. If we receive the e-mail after this due date, the first night will be charged. If you book with us but you do not show up on the check-in date, we will charge you for the whole stay.

Reception – Check in / out: The reception opening hours are from 8 am till 11 pm. Check-in time goes from 3 to 11 pm. Check-out time is from 8 am to 12 pm. In order to check-in with us, we will request from each of our guests a national ID or Passport.

Key card: Winederful Hostel & Café will provide you one on arrival. The key card Will give you access to both your room and the common areas. How it works: Place the key card on the door’s keyboard and its digits will turn green which means the door is open. We request a 5 euros deposit for each key card we provide at your check-in. We give this deposit back at your check-out once you return the key card to the reception. In case you are unable to access the premises or the room with your key card, either because you lost it or it does not work, let our staff know if the reception is still open or otherwise call + 34 941 139 618 and we will give you remote access to the hostel as soon as possible.

Age restrictions: We do not accept bookings made by individuals under 18 except for the ones coming with adults (people over 18). Guests bringing their children under 16 will be requested to book either a complete shared room or a private one. We do not have an age limit set up but most of our shared rooms guests are between 18 and 40 years of age.

Shared Baggage storage and individual lockers: While you wait to check-in or right after you checked-out, your luggage can be temporarily kept in our shared baggage cage located in the living room. Ask for its key at the reception. Each guest is provided with a private locker/security drawer which is placed under each ground bunk bed in every room. Opening or locking the security drawer will be accomplished with the very same key card provided at the check-in. Winederful Hostel will not take responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged belongings.

Clean bed linen and blankets: on arrival at the hostel we will provide you with clean linen and blankets. They are placed in the big drawers under the beds. It is the responsibility of the guests to make their beds.

Cafeteria: It is open to guests and public and its hours go from 08.00 am till 10.30 pm from Sunday to Thursday and from 08.30 am till 11.30 pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Bank Holidays.

Kitchen: It is at our guest’s disposal for them to cook in it any day of the week from 7 am till 9.30 pm. If you need to use the kitchen outside these hours please let the reception staff know.

Common living area / dining room: the common living area and the dining room are in the same space. The dining room is the area located next to the kitchen with high tables and chairs. The common living area has sofas, armchairs, stools, low tables, computers and TV. Except for events or activities organized by Winederful, its use is limited to the reception hours.

Towels: Winederful Hostel & Café will provide free of charge towels in all its private rooms. Guests staying in shared rooms 1 and 7 will be able to hire a towel at a 2 euro per towel rate.

Personal details: Winederful Hostel & Café Will only store and use your personal details to manage your stay, keeping them confidential.


Hen / Stag parties or other parties of the sort: We do NOT admit Hen / Stag parties nor any other parties or activities of the sort that could cause any inconvenience or be dangerous for other guests, neighbors or staff members. On top of this, guests are expected to fulfil the admission conditions established by the 4/2000 law of the Autonomous Region of La Rioja, which can be checked out in the notice hanging on the wall of the reception hall.

Quiet Time’: Except for events or activities organized by Winederful Hostel & Café, we establish a ‘quiet time’ from 11 pm to 8 am to promote our guest’s and neighbors’ tranquility and rest. Please try to be as quiet as possible during those hours.

Designated areas for cooking and eating: Cooking, handling or eating food is not allowed in any of our bedrooms, whether these are shared or private. The designated areas for doing so (including breakfast) are the kitchen and the dining room respectively and always at the hours established before (see our general information). It is the responsibility of guests to clean and tidy up these rooms after use.

Washing and drying clothes: We do NOT provide a laundry service. Washing or hanging up clothing within our premises is forbidden. If you need such a service, please let us know and we will give you directions to the nearest laundromat.

No smoking: Winederful Hostel & Café is a non-smoking place. Therefore, and according to the Spanish legislation, smoking inside our place is strongly forbidden. This includes the cafeteria, the bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas. Smoking is only allowed in the patio (in the open air) and only when it does not disturb other guests and/or neighbors.

Alcohol: According to the Spanish legislation, alcoholic drinks cannot be served to individuals under 18. Alcoholic drinks are available at the cafeteria and can only be consumed there or at the living room. Since we are a registered bar, guests are specifically asked not to bring inside our premises any alcoholic drink at all.

Drugs: Drugs are illegal in Spain. Guests consuming drugs in any area of our premises indoors or outdoors will be expelled instantly.

Backyard: The patio is shared with the building neighbors who live just above our premises. This patio is ruled by the building rules which are designed to ensure a respectful and peaceful use of the patio. Our guests are entitled to enjoy it as long as they follow these communal living, order and cleanliness rules. In this regard, partying or performing any sort of activities that would disturb other guests or neighbors is not allowed. It is expressly forbidden to access the patio with glass containers or any other type of objects that could be dangerous. Its opening hours go from 9am to 11pm in the summer and from 9am to 10pm the rest of the year.

Emergency exit of the common living area: it is for exclusive use in emergencies. It is completely forbidden to use it for other purpose, as for example to go outside and inside the hostel. This door must be always closed.

Guests only: For your own safety, it is completely forbidden to access the hostel premises with other individuals that are not staying with us.

Pets: For the time being, Winederful Hostel is only prepared to host people. Therefore, pets are NOT allowed.

Damage: Winederful Hostel & Café will claim to cover any damages to those guests who cause damage by misusing anything during their stay. The corresponding amount will be charged to their credit card.

Discretion: Every booking is subject to availability and Winederful Hostel & Café reserves the right to deny any reservation at their own discretion.

Penalty and Ejection from the accommodation: Lack of adherence to the rules listed above will result in 50 euros per person penalty and depending on the nature of the offence, it could even end up in the guest’s ejection from our Hostel. If warnings from the hostel owners or staff members are unheard or when according to our own criteria guests compromise the comfort, tranquility and / or the safety of other guests, neighbors or staff members, no refunds will be made.